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Arnold Trade Cards: Index~ B ~
Welcome!  & Introduction -- page 1
𝓦elcome to the "B" section of The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection index! Company names are indexed as they appeared on the advertising (also known as "trade") cards. A company such as "A.J. Muzzy & Co." will be indexed under that name, and sometimes also under "Muzzy, A. J.  & Co." Shaded links lead to sites outside of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection
B. Shoninger & Co. -- pages  xvii,  116,  185,  187
B.F. Arthur & Co. -- page 106
B.T. Alvord -- page 132
B.T. Babbitt's Best Soap -- At Random (Appendix I)
Babbitt, Benjamin T. -- At Random (Appendix I)
babies--images of babies, young ladies, etc. -- page 167
Bailey, Seldon A. (patent) -- page 63
Bailey, Ethel Z. Horticultural Catalogue Collection -- page 137
Bailey Washing and Wringing Machine -- page 63
bakeries -- pages  163
baking, chemistry of -- page 171
baking powder -- page 171