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๐“ฆelcome to the "E" section of The Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection index! Company names are indexed as they appeared on the advertising (also known as "trade") cards. A company such as "A.J. Muzzy & Co." will be indexed under that name, and sometimes also under "Muzzy, A. J.  & Co." Shaded links lead to sites outside of the Earl J. Arnold Advertising Card Collection

This index is a living document, being created as you view it. It will change daily and sometimes more often than that as new parts of the Collection are indexed. Subscribe by email and keep up with the changes!

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E. Hartshorn & Sons -- page 187
E.B. Dix -- page 173
E.C. Abbey M.D. -- page 80
E.F. Judson & Co. -- pages  31,  54,  68,  85
E.I. Clapp's -- page 140
E. Habenstein's Elite Restaurant -- page 116
E. Hartshorn & Sons -- page 187
E.M. Lusk -- page 16
E.M. Rose -- page 8
E.P.Woodward, M.D. -- page 102
E.S. Wells -- page 175
E.W. Hoyt -- pages  65,  188,  191
East Providence Historical Society --  pages  150,  194
East Rochester NY -- page 192
Easton PA -- page 42
Eastwood, A. D. -- page 76
Ebers, A. -- page 70
Eckstein & Hoffmann -- page 114
Eclipse Wringer -- page 14
Edinburgh Printers -- page 44
Eddystone Lighthouse -- page 5
Edwin C. Burt & Co. --  pages  29,  150,  171
Edwin P. Marshall -- page 152
Ehrichs -- page 55
Elijah Morse -- pages 74,  87

This is the cow with the crumpled horn that tossed the dog that barked so long.
Page 18
Elkhart IN -- page 104
Elkhart Starch Co. -- page 104
Elliott W. Barnes' "The Girl That I Love" -- page 101
Elrod NC -- Appendix 1
Emery, Alexander -- page 28
Emma Jane's Favorite Victorian Fashions
see also #EmmaJanesFavoriteFashions
Emmett Brothers -- pages  38,  46,  105
Empire Wringer Co. -- page 20
Enoch Morgan's Sons Co. -- pages  69,   109
Engle, Stephen Clock -- page 31
English, John  & Co. -- page 37
Estey Organ Co. -- page 183
Eureka Silk Thread Manufacturing Co. -- Eureka! (Appendix I)
Excelsior Bench Wringer -- page 63
Excelsior Eclectric Oil -- page 36
Excelsior Lawn Mower -- page 58
Excelsior Metal Polish -- page 32
Extra Pale Soap -- page 2

Two associated sites of interest were added in 2017. Hey Victorian Kids! What Did You Do? briefly looks at the pursuits of children portrayed in the Victorian trade cards of the Arnold Collection. The Arnold Galleries site features individual trade cards by subject category with slide shows.

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